[altlinux-announce-en] Distribution Release: ALT Server 10.1

Maria Fokanova fokanovama at basealt.ru
Tue Feb 21 11:03:50 MSK 2023

Good day!

The ALT Server distribution kit was released on the platform 10 (p10 
Aronia branch). The assembly of ALT Server 10.1 distribution kit is 
prepared for the x86_64, AArch64 and Elbrus architecture.

Download the release image:

New features 10.1

* Support for Russian certification authorities (CA) 
(ca-certificates-digital.gov.ru 1.0) added.
* The Tenth Platform has focus on Microsoft AD support and unified Group 
Policies. The ALT Server OS is used in an alternative solution of the 
BaseALT Ltd. for the implementing of the Active Directory domain 
infrastructure adjusted to Linux. The Samba DC 4.16 domain controller 
and Group Policy management tools (gpupdate, admc 0.11.2, gpui 
0.2.17) updated. The admx-msi-setup package has been added to the admx 
template set in the image for uploading Microsoft Group Policies to the 
Domain Controller.
* Image 10.1 includes the text mode of the GRUB loader. It has become 
more convenient to install the system on a server without a video card 
thanks to a separate item in the bootloader menu.
* Now, when installing the system, you can create an NTFS partition.
* ALT Server 10.1 new version supportes to enter a name or password in 
Cyrillic; the convenience of switching and positioning the keyboard 
layout indicator (greeter) upgrade. Virt-manager 3.2 for creating 
virtual machines, a tigervnc 1.10 remote connection server added and the 
Zabbix 6.0 monitoring system.
* The Epm package (eepm-yum) has been added to the image repository as a 
system administrator tool (eepm updated to 3.28). Instead of 
wine-vanilla packages the Wine build 7.22 for ALT distributions is used.
* Added sssd-ldap 2.8.

New Application Versions

The distribution kit contains packages of current versions for the 
system environment based on the Linux kernel 5.10. The kernel 5.15 was 
added. Php 7 was replaced by php 8. The distribution kit includes 
PostgreSQL 14 packages in variants with and without 1C patches.

Packages with the image kernels modules have been added to the image to 
work independently from the network repository when installing 
additional modules with drivers. When downloading the installer in 
Legacy mode, grub-pc 2.06 is used. Thus, both Legacy and UEFI use GRUB.

Functionality similar to alt-p10-builder 
(https://www.altlinux.org/Starterkits/builder ) is achieved by selecting 
the Package Collector option in the installer. The builder-useradd 1.5 
package will be installed in the image.

Corrective changes have been made in order to speed up the installation 
process in a minimal profile. The installer menu item Token Support has 
been added to the Server Applications group (isbc-pkcs11 4.9, opensc, 
pcsc-tools, openssl, pam_pkcs11). The Mediawiki and ALT Domain Server 
(ldap+kerberos) installer items have been removed.

Multipath (0.9) is configured to work by default similarly to the ALT 
Virtualization Server. Connection broker and tunnel for creating and 
managing virtual workstations OpenUDS 3.5.0 updated.

The SWAP partition is provided by default. The image supports a Btrfs 
partition (btrfs-progs 5.19) at the installation stage.

The AArch64 image contains the xor-neon core module, so it possible to 
install the system on RAID 4/5/6 to increase fault tolerance and 
performance. In AArch64 image the Chromium 107.0 web browser is selected 
to work on the Internet. Jitsi Meet is not compatible with AArch64.

To HAProxy servers configure haproxy 2.6 and keepalived 2.2 are installed.

The MATE desktop environment has been updated to version 1.26, 
LibreOffice 7.4.

Sane-airscan is installed for scanner recognition (Samsung ProXpress 
M3870FD, Pantum M7100DN, Samsung ProXpress M3870FD, Pantum M7100DN, Oki 
MB472, Kyocera ECOSYS-M2040dn, Brother MFC L2720DW).

The major release of ALT Server 10.0 was in December 2021:

More about the image and its updates you can found at:

The new version of the distribution kit is based on the stable branch of 
the Platform 10 repository and does not involve incompatible changes 
when moving to 10.1. For new corporate users it is possible to obtain 
test versions and traditionally private users are offered to download 
the required version of the ALT OS for free from the BaseALT Ltd. 
website or from the download site.

Read more on the wiki (in russian):

You can also view and download distributions of other products:

With best regards,
Maria Fokanova
community manager
С уважением,
Мария Фоканова
менеджер по взаимодействию с сообществом

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