[Hardware] sound on 2.6.x kernels

Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine на gmail.com
Пн Фев 7 15:34:51 MSK 2005

On Mon, 07 Feb 2005 14:29:15 +0200, Sviataslau Svirydau 
> Зайти по ссылке не получилось, не работает :(

Перепроверил. Ссылка http://www.ces.clemson.edu/linux/alsa.shtml
работает :)

Вводный текст:

Many FC3 users who recently updated to a 2.6.10 kernel are reporting
that sound no longer works. The purpose of this note is to point out
that this is a configuration issue that arises because ALSA has added
two new sound settings for use with the 2.6.10 kernels. These settings
are 'Headphone Jack Sense' and 'Line Jace Sense.' For sound to work
properly, these settings must be muted, but they are often not muted
when users boot a 2.6.10 system for the first time.


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