[Comm-en] Adding XFCE4 to p9 GNUStep install

Michael Shigorin mike at altlinux.org
Sat Jan 22 00:57:01 MSK 2022

On Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 09:19:03PM +0000, David wrote:
> I'm sending this again, as it just occurred to me that the mail
> server may not allow attachments.  So, I'll include a link to
> the screenshot mentioned below, instead.

Erm, just selecting the text and pasting it would be better yet
as I could have quoted it then :-)

> During install, Synaptic had an issue with something.  But
> because of that bug with the fonts, I couldn't tell what it
> was.  So I ran the install on the command line and finally saw
> that there was a conflict with samba.  see screenshot at:
> http://ebookmanlives.byethost10.com/archive/apt-get-xfce-install-error.jpg?i=1  
> I just unmarked the samba modules and the install completed
> without further problems.

This way, or remove gnustep-gworkspace; a file conflict like this
should be marked explicitly in the package headers, and this was
already spotted and fixed in Sisyphus last year (so hit p10):

> The only other issue I've experienced is with a pop up error
> window when booting up the XFCE desktop.  A Policy Agent error
> pops up, but I just have to click the OK button and all seems
> to proceed as expected.

Post a screenshot -- or better yet, error message text --
and maybe have a look at "rpm -qa | grep -i policy" output;
just a guess but I'd try removing xfce-polkit if it's not
needed (OTOH there's a polkit-sysvinit package that can be
installed for that matter -- this one contains configuration
to allow users in "xgrp" group control network and media
on their sysv-based system running polkit).

BTW, you can avoid double downloads by copying /var/cache/apt/
contents over between the systems (or setting up a caching proxy
for apt if there's a system that serves as a router anyways and
it has some storage).

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