[Comm-en] Adding XFCE4 to p9 GNUStep install

David davidb at disroot.org
Sat Jan 22 00:19:03 MSK 2022

I'm sending this again, as it just occurred to me that the mail server may not allow attachments.  So, I'll include a link to the screenshot mentioned below, instead.  My apologies if this message appears twice in the logs.

January 21, 2022 9:40 AM, "Michael Shigorin" <mike at altlinux.org> wrote:

    Should be good enough but speaking of bandwidth,
     xfce4-regular should pull in a (considerable) subset
     of those required by xfce4-full, and it's what included
     into xfce image flavour:

I went and flagged bloth xfce4-full and xfce4-regular and all that went along with it.  Seemed to install just fine, apart from two minor issues.

During install, Synaptic had an issue with something.  But because of that bug with the fonts, I couldn't tell what it was.  So I ran the install on the command line and finally saw that there was a conflict with samba.

see screenshot at:  http://ebookmanlives.byethost10.com/archive/apt-get-xfce-install-error.jpg?i=1  

I just unmarked the samba modules and the install completed without further problems.

The only other issue I've experienced is with a pop up error window when booting up the XFCE desktop.  A Policy Agent error pops up, but I just have to click the OK button and all seems to proceed as expected.  Not sure what that is all about and from what I could find so far on-line about it seems to have something to do with systemd.  Now, I'm not using systemd, but rather sysv.  Might be what XFCE is complaining about.  But, everything seems to working.

Just thought I'd share my experience, in case someone else tries the same procedure in the future.


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