[Comm-en] Re Possible solutions for issues

David davidb at disroot.org
Fri Jan 7 01:09:21 MSK 2022

Drat!  I find these "minor" hiccups are the most difficult to pin down and solve.  I did a bit of web searching on the error you mentioned, but I haven't come across anything definitive or useful.  Seems like it's one of those general sort of errors that is caused by several different conditions.

If I find anything, though, I'll certainly pass it along.


January 6, 2022 2:17 PM, "Lyndon" <generalmooseance at vivaldi.net> wrote:

> HI there David and thanks too for your suggestions. 
> My apologies for not saying what OS I was using. I kind of rushed my
> posting.
> I am using ALT Workstation 10.0 Mate.
> I did just try install XFCE ( minimal ) and tried to import bookmarks,
> launch links from Evolution and attach files in Evolution from the XFCE
> enviroment but it is still not working.
> I can work around all these issues if I have to but its just nice and
> more convenient to have them working as normal.
> Thanks again and also to Michael for his help. 
> Lyndon
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