[Comm-en] Back with Workstation 10

Lyndon generalmooseance at vivaldi.net
Mon Jan 10 08:15:01 MSK 2022

HI David, Michael. I am back with a fresh install of Workstation 10 
after trying P10 KDE and Cinnamon. Had issues though so went back to 
Workstation. My flatpaks wouldn't open but after giving them root 
privileges all was good.

Things are working better this time and like you David, I am using Sea 
Monkey for mail and browsing too. Working real good and I am very happy 
with it.

One flatpak, manuskript, will launch but it wont open a msk file. Tor 
Browser still wont import bookmarks but Sea Monkey did easily so big 
plus there. Not a big problem.

No other major issues so will see how things go.

Regards, Lyndon

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