[Comm-en] Using RPM cache on a second ALT-Linux system

Chorus Grove theadmin at chorusgrove.site
Tue Aug 2 19:46:05 MSK 2022

On 8/2/22 10:25 AM, Chorus Grove wrote:
> Thanks so much, Michael!  So, I've copied over the contents of the 
> archives from one machine to the other.  Now, here's a silly question: 
> how do I tell Synaptic to use those files to do an upgrade?  When I 
> start up Syanptic, it doesn't seem to acknowledge that the 500MB of 
> RPMs are there.  If I try something like "add downloaded packages", 
> Synaptic tells me that this hasn't been implemented for RPMs, patches 
> welcome.
> Do I need to use the command line and RPMI or something else to do the 
> upgrade?
Oh, never mind.  I figured it out.  Once I connected the second PC to 
the Internet and allowed Synaptic to update the repository package list, 
I saw that it acknowledged that the rpms were already downloaded and 
just wanted to upgrade.  So, all is good, I think. Thanks!

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