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Jozsef K. racunar at inbox.ru
Sat Jan 16 16:04:37 MSK 2021

Thank you. Very useful. By the way, I studied Russian in the school for 7 years, even worked in Russian companies, and I do speak English as well. The only problem is that I don't have a job now and I have a family to support...

Jozsef K.
On Jan 16, 2021, 13:55 +0100, Michael Shigorin <mike at altlinux.org>, wrote:
> Hello guys,
> I've been answering a query regarding helpful resources
> that came through BaseALT company contact and thought
> the list to be worth posting here:
> ---
> There's a pretty minimal http://en.altlinux.org wiki and
> a way more extensive http://ru.altlinux.org one -- maybe these
> help a bit; there's also a (pretty quiet) English-speaking ML:
> http://lists.altlinux.org/mailman/listinfo/community-en
> and a Telegram channel of guys from Brasil (they speak English
> too, maybe it's the only non-Russian channel by now):
> http://t.me/alt_linuxBR; there's #altlinux-en on freenode
> but it seems even more quiet than community-en at .
> PS: maybe you'll find this intro book useful:
> http://altlinux.org/Books:Insideout ->
> http://heap.altlinux.org/alt-docs/compactbook/index.html
> (in Russian but should be autotranslateable)
> ---
> Ah, and we've finally created a sort of download centre site:
> http://getalt.org -- so it should be easier to find an image;
> http://distrowatch.com/alt has release announcements as well
> as helpful hints in some reviews, like this one:
> ---
> The download is 4.3G and will default to Russian. F2 after
> booting the live medium enables the English install option.
> ---
> You're welcome to participate in both community and the team,
> there were precedents already even if we understand that it's
> not that easy to participate in a Russian-speaking project
> while not reading the language; some folks are even willing
> to learn it during these last years, maybe this can help:
> http://learnrussian.rt.com/lessons/
> There's no English section on http://forum.altlinux.org
> at the moment but it's not a problem to create one
> for those interested.
> From Russia with love ;-)
> --
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