[Comm-en] information on ALT Linux in English

Michael Shigorin mike at altlinux.org
Sat Jan 16 15:55:51 MSK 2021

	Hello guys,
I've been answering a query regarding helpful resources
that came through BaseALT company contact and thought
the list to be worth posting here:

There's a pretty minimal http://en.altlinux.org wiki and
a way more extensive http://ru.altlinux.org one -- maybe these
help a bit; there's also a (pretty quiet) English-speaking ML:
and a Telegram channel of guys from Brasil (they speak English
too, maybe it's the only non-Russian channel by now):
http://t.me/alt_linuxBR; there's #altlinux-en on freenode
but it seems even more quiet than community-en at .

PS: maybe you'll find this intro book useful:
http://altlinux.org/Books:Insideout ->
(in Russian but should be autotranslateable)

Ah, and we've finally created a sort of download centre site: 
http://getalt.org -- so it should be easier to find an image;
http://distrowatch.com/alt has release announcements as well
as helpful hints in some reviews, like this one:

The download is 4.3G and will default to Russian. F2 after
booting the live medium enables the English install option.

You're welcome to participate in both community and the team,
there were precedents already even if we understand that it's
not that easy to participate in a Russian-speaking project
while not reading the language; some folks are even willing
to learn it during these last years, maybe this can help:

There's no English section on http://forum.altlinux.org
at the moment but it's not a problem to create one
for those interested.

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