[Comm-en] MIME definitions used by Firefox

Yuri N. Sedunov aris at altlinux.ru
Mon Mar 7 07:47:28 MSK 2005

В Вск, 06/03/2005 в 20:33 -0500, Aaron McDonald пишет:
> Did Alt Linux recently discontinue use of the update-mime command? From what 
> I can tell, this program is used to update mailcap files.
> Here's a little background as to why I'm asking the question:
> After much investigation and research today I discovered that some of the 
> default applications that Firefox is using are from the .mailcap file in my 
> home directory. This file was last modified on Dec. 31st 2004 and it 
> contains useful MIME definitions for OpenOffice.org. If I remove this file, 
> Firefox no longer has these MIME definitions. The update-desktop-database 
> command creates /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache which Firefox also 
> uses, but this file doesn't contain any of the OpenOffice.org definitions.
> So, my questions are:
> Where did my .mailcap file come from?
> and
> What OpenOffice.org files need to be moved to /usr/share/applications/ so 
> that the OpenOffice.org definitions are in mimeinfo.cache?

Standard .desktop files need to be placed in /usr/share/applications,
but now openoffice.org package doesn't provides standard .desktop files
in the standard location, this is a bug.
As a workaround You may put attached files:
to /usr/share/applications and run update-desktop-database as root.

Yuri N. Sedunov
03/07/05 07:24:54
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