[Comm-en] Update broke KDE on Compact 2.3

D&J Bouley djbouley at shaw.ca
Sat Mar 13 07:03:44 MSK 2004

Just recently I helped someone get Compact 2.3 installed on their PC. 
Everything was working great, until early this week, when they attempted
an update through Synaptic.

After the upgrade, indicated by ALT Update, KDE would not log off. 
After a system reboot, they could not log back in to KDE.  It froze
during start-up when it reached the "loading peripherals" phase.

Because there were limited files available through the Compact 2.3
repository, they invoked the "Classic" and "Non-Free" repository
listings.  Could an update from them have caused the problems with
Compact?  Is there an easy way I can help them get their system back to
the way it was before the update with Synaptic?


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