[Comm-en] Update broke KDE on Compact 2.3

Michael Shigorin mike at osdn.org.ua
Sat Mar 13 11:39:25 MSK 2004

On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 10:03:44PM -0600, D&J Bouley wrote:
> After the upgrade, indicated by ALT Update, KDE would not log
> off.  After a system reboot, they could not log back in to KDE.
> It froze during start-up when it reached the "loading
> peripherals" phase.

Uff.. hope someone with KDE knowledge will help (I use
WindowMaker historically).

> Because there were limited files available through the Compact
> 2.3 repository, they invoked the "Classic" and "Non-Free"
> repository listings.  Could an update from them have caused the
> problems with Compact?

With everything -- it's *unstable* repository...

> Is there an easy way I can help them get their system back to
> the way it was before the update with Synaptic?

Maybe (console way, though there may be UI one):

- mcedit: get classic commented out in /etc/apt/sources.list
  (non-free may stay);
- shell: apt-cdrom add (insert ALC2.3 CD);
- shell: apt-get update
- shell: apt-get remove kde-common
- shell: apt-get install kde-distr

Generally, incremental upgrading to Sisyphus is OK (e.g. for now
Compact->Sisyphus is mostly incremental, no fundamental changes
happened), but that's better tested on a spare install within a
spare partition.

PS: in case they would like to have downloaded packages after
e.g. reinstall or on another system, APT's cache lives in
/var/cache/apt, it can be backed up, restored, or copied.

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