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Mon Jun 23 21:09:34 MSD 2003

On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 10:21:42 -0600
chad <tama4 at amnet.co.cr> wrote:

> I have a few other isses to work out with JR.....getting my
> PalmPilot working and my digital camera. But, I will take a few
> days to see if I can stumble on a solution before posting for more
> help. Thanks again.

For make use of PalmPilot under Linux you need J-Pilot and
pilot-link packages :)

If your digital camera connects ti PC via USB, then you can mount it
as USB storage device. After connecting yur camera to USB port try

# service kudzu start

If kudzu defines your camera as common USB storage devices, then you
can use e.g. digikam (KDE3 application for cameras).

or try simply to run digikam as user.

I will also try to find some more info...

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