[Comm-en] Alt Jr2.2 dual boot with Mdk9.1

Chad tama4 at amnet.co.cr
Thu Jul 10 19:07:03 MSD 2003

I put a post on www.mandrakeusers.org saying what a good distor Alt is. 
The first person who tried to install had the following happen:

"Unhappily, I have to report a bad experience with alt linux. I tried to 
install it my test partition and the install stopped when attempting to 
configure X. The reported error was unable to find XFree rpm. Did the 
md5sums on the isos before burning and they checked out. I have a nvidia 
graphics card which may be the problem. The install refused to go 
forward from this point and aborted by itself.
When I rebooted lilo was screwed up, just got 99s across the screen. 
Tried to restore lilo with the mandrake install cd1 and it refused to do 
so. It kept picking up the kernels in both the alt linux partition and 
the mandrake partition and was totally confused. Apparently the two 
distros are so similar that mandrake rescue can't tell them apart. Wound 
up rebooting with a knoppix cd, commenting out the alt linux partition 
line in mandrake's fstab, deleting the alt linux files and was finally 
able to restore lilo from mandrake install CD1, rescue mode."

I was trying to get a few ppl to try it out and spread the good word. I 
think my plan backfired as the first attempt went so bad.
I enjoy alt. Sound works, palm pilot works, digital camera works 
.....thanks for the help and ideas Alexandre and Michael!!
I have some questions:
1. When is the next release for Alt Jr? I ask because I notice the other 
distros seem to do it quite regular.
2. Are the packages for sisyphus ever added to the Jr2.2 repositories or 
will they only be added to the new version of Alt Jr?

Thanks again

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