[Comm-en] Alt Jr2.2 dual boot with Mdk9.1

Michael Shigorin mike at osdn.org.ua
Fri Jul 11 18:07:30 MSD 2003

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 09:07:03AM -0600, Chad wrote:

> "Unhappily, I have to report a bad experience with alt linux. I tried to 

It happens.

> install it my test partition and the install stopped when
> attempting to configure X. The reported error was unable to
> find XFree rpm.

I remember something along those lines but as search.altlinux.ru
is broken now (busy fixing it) can't do grep http:// :(

> Did the md5sums on the isos before burning and they checked
> out. I have a nvidia graphics card which may be the problem.

Shouldn't be.

> The install refused to go forward from this point and aborted
> by itself.

Very strange, never seen a problem with those.  IIRC this could
happen with the newest 8X cards which weren't supported by older
driver and weren't known to older kudzu/xfdrake.

> When I rebooted lilo was screwed up, just got 99s across the screen. 

Ummm... without details on bootloader it's extremely hard to tell
what happened.

> Wound up rebooting with a knoppix cd, commenting out the alt
> linux partition line in mandrake's fstab, deleting the alt
> linux files and was finally able to restore lilo from mandrake
> install CD1, rescue mode."

Well there's Junior's rescue mode though I doubt it would be much
different =]


> I was trying to get a few ppl to try it out and spread the good
> word. I think my plan backfired as the first attempt went so
> bad.

No problem, we should be realistic regarding *bugs* (yes, bugs)
that are apparently there.

Your problems with sound (IIRC) were of the same kind too -- they
simply shouldn't be.

BTW, I'm packaging fresher alsa for Sisyphus and a backport for
updates/2.2 kernel (2.4.20-alt7), so if you're interested you
could give it a try -- 0.9.2 packages are already at
ftp://ftp.altlinux.org/pub/people/mike/kernel/ and alsa/, and
0.9.4 packages are partially there (Sisyphus) with the rest
(backport) loading my AXP1.7+ for the last few hours :-]

> I enjoy alt. Sound works, palm pilot works, digital camera

Well it all should work, and seems that USB hotplug is getting
better yet :-)

> I have some questions: 1. When is the next release for Alt Jr?

Hopefully this summer, "per my feelings". :-)

> I ask because I notice the other distros seem to do it quite
> regular.

Junior usually does in spring/early summer and then autumn/late

> 2. Are the packages for sisyphus ever added to the Jr2.2
> repositories or will they only be added to the new version of
> Alt Jr?

The latter for the most part; but you can use Master 2.2
packages for the most part.

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