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Alexandre Prokoudine avp at altlinux.ru
Thu Jul 10 12:39:51 MSD 2003

djbouley wrote
> Lately I noticed that Junior 2.2 includes the window manager, Window Maker 
> v0.81.0, with the distribution.  After visiting the Window Maker web site, I 
> saw that the only version of WM avaiable for downloading was v0.80.1
> Can anyone tell me if this version of WM is a special version that only comes 
> with Junior 2.2?  Did the ALT development team make advancements with WM that 
> are not available with other distros?
> If so, I'm an exclusive Window Maker user and really appreciate having the 
> more advanced version on my Linux PC.

It is a known mistake in version definition in WindowMaker itself.
The name of the packages is still WindowMaker-0.80.2-alt7.i586.rpm


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