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>  international community site   

Well, this WILL require to run the forum he... he...
Maybe then I will stop thinkin' about WTF I do use that distro (I mean ALT) for sooo long 

Well, I must explain myself.
I hate all the problems of different encodings in the mail messages, plus that everything is 
mixed in the mail... And receiving a lot of emails is not fun. My mailbox is limited in size. I 
don't like receiving a thousands of messages when I don't need them.  So I have 
unsubsribed from the russian community.

Folks, I am utmostly sure the thing  that annoys me in ALT Linux *most* - is the 
inexistence of Internet forum on it...  And this should be easily repairable - just set up the 
server... And install the IPB on it. Even me, a completely newbie managed to start up that 
server after a couple of weeks - now our Institute has that forum on the intranet site, 
running on my machine. Old Pentium-150, plus ALT Linux + Apache+ IPB... :)

Guys, why you don't even TRY to do it??? For a couple of months - to see if it will be 
good? Are you sure that I (and many other folks) won't pay, say, a buck or two a month to 
be able to post on it? Getting support on LRN forum is not fun, after all...
You need the moderators and you don't want to moderate? Well, I may try to do it.
You don't 'want to look the whole forum to see what's new? IPB does have the "New 
messages" filter.

Of course, mailing-lists are the habit, I know. But it's the hackers' habit, you know.  And 
you're selling (or are trying to sell) the distros for common users.  

WBR, A Linux newbie,
Vadim Alexeenko, Institute of Cytology RAS

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