[Comm-en] Are these bugs?

Egor Grebnev egor at altlinux.ru
Wed Aug 6 13:57:37 MSD 2003

>I finally tried ALT and it is excellent. The icons, the look the performance everything is just awsome. But something strage is happend when I log in to X as root
That's the main mistake. root should only be used for the purpose of 
system administration. Performing general tasks as root (launching X, 
for example) is very insecure and highly not recommended.

>Also when I enabled some apt repositories from apt/sourses file and than tried to open synaptic with normal user permission everything is freezed. I could not open any application and all the buttons etc where only picture they did not respond to any command. 
Well, this is a little unclear. Can you reproduce the bug once again? If 
so, does it help when you remove the contents of /root/.synaptic?

>And finally gnome menus turn to black when ı choose then think that this is a graphical problem maybe but .....
What is your graphics card?

>Can you help me to resolve these problems please cause I really liked ALT and want to use it .
I guess that we'll help you to resolve at least most of your problems :)
... when you're back :)

Egor Grebnev
ALT Linux Team

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