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=?WINDOWS-1254?Q?Tar=FDk Gandur tarik at gandur.tr.tc
Wed Aug 6 13:40:24 MSD 2003

I finally tried ALT and it is excellent. The icons, the look the performance everything is just awsome. But something strage is happend when I log in to X as root and then when I tried to open any application that usually requeires root permission (like synaptic or drakeconf etc...). I had a screen that says "permission denied". The same application was accessible as normal user (after submitting the root password of course) but when log in as root nothing that requiers root permission works. Also when I enabled some apt repositories from apt/sourses file and than tried to open synaptic with normal user permission everything is freezed. I could not open any application and all the buttons etc where only picture they did not respond to any command. 
And finally gnome menus turn to black when ı choose then think that this is a graphical problem maybe but .....
Can you help me to resolve these problems please cause I really liked ALT and want to use it .

Note: actually I m not at home, I m far from my computer for a couple of weeks. So, even if fast respons are your speciality :P no quick response is required for this post :)
Thanks Again Egor and all the ALT team you really desreve to be on the top of the market.
Hello again!
> >I did not expected a so quick response ( so I found the first stregth of ALT 
> >even befor trying it).
> >
> OK, I am sorry not to be so fast this time. :)
> >When to partnership: here in Turkey we have a Turkish distro named Gelecek, 
> >based on RH 7.3 and because it provides excellent Turkish Language and Win 
> >Modem (which is widely used here) support it is the market leader  especially 
> >in the busieness sector.
> >
> As far as I know, we are doing quite well in Winmodem support as well. 
> As to Turkish language, we certainly can't compete with a local 
> distribution maker.
> >I'think  
> >creating an international community site   will be much more useful but 
> >unfortunately I do not have enough knowledge about site creation (for 
> >Linuxturkey, the owner has setup everything so that the only think I do is to 
> >log in as admin and post reviews, news etc with a few html codes. So once a 
> >setup is created maintaining it (not talking about technical maintanace but 
> >about the content) is not a problem for me so if anyone is interested about a 
> >such project feel free to contact me)
> >
> OK, your recommendation is clear. Thanks.
> >Finally I have a few ques abot the distro: Why the name ALT? 
> >
> It's a recursive abbreviation: ALT Linux Team :)
> >And once installed can I upgrade everything like Debian and Gentoo, in other 
> >words when 2.3 will be available do I have to obtain a cd or an iso or typing 
> >apt-get upgrade distro (or smt like this dont remember exactly) will be 
> >sufficient to have the 2.3 (I'm asking that for my review :) )
> >
> Yes, we usually do some testing to ensure that upgrading from one 
> version is possible. However, we are not sure that there will be a 
> Junior edition of 2.3. The upcoming ALT Linux 2.3 Compact will be 
> different from Junior as it will be a bit more streamlined and will have 
> less software choices (which is better for OEM).
> But when ALT Linux 3.0 Junior is out, you will probably be able to 
> upgrade easily :)
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