[Comm-en] thanks (& a few ideas)

Egor Grebnev egor at altlinux.ru
Wed Aug 6 13:10:30 MSD 2003

Hello again!

>I did not expected a so quick response ( so I found the first stregth of ALT 
>even befor trying it).
OK, I am sorry not to be so fast this time. :)

>When to partnership: here in Turkey we have a Turkish distro named Gelecek, 
>based on RH 7.3 and because it provides excellent Turkish Language and Win 
>Modem (which is widely used here) support it is the market leader  especially 
>in the busieness sector.
As far as I know, we are doing quite well in Winmodem support as well. 
As to Turkish language, we certainly can't compete with a local 
distribution maker.

>creating an international community site   will be much more useful but 
>unfortunately I do not have enough knowledge about site creation (for 
>Linuxturkey, the owner has setup everything so that the only think I do is to 
>log in as admin and post reviews, news etc with a few html codes. So once a 
>setup is created maintaining it (not talking about technical maintanace but 
>about the content) is not a problem for me so if anyone is interested about a 
>such project feel free to contact me)
OK, your recommendation is clear. Thanks.

>Finally I have a few ques abot the distro: Why the name ALT? 
It's a recursive abbreviation: ALT Linux Team :)

>And once installed can I upgrade everything like Debian and Gentoo, in other 
>words when 2.3 will be available do I have to obtain a cd or an iso or typing 
>apt-get upgrade distro (or smt like this dont remember exactly) will be 
>sufficient to have the 2.3 (I'm asking that for my review :) )
Yes, we usually do some testing to ensure that upgrading from one 
version is possible. However, we are not sure that there will be a 
Junior edition of 2.3. The upcoming ALT Linux 2.3 Compact will be 
different from Junior as it will be a bit more streamlined and will have 
less software choices (which is better for OEM).

But when ALT Linux 3.0 Junior is out, you will probably be able to 
upgrade easily :)

 Egor Grebnev
 ALT Linux Team

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