[Comm-en] thanks (& a few ideas)

TARIK GANDUR tarik at gandur.tr.tc
Mon Aug 4 22:31:12 MSD 2003

Thanks for your quick reply Egor,
I did not expected a so quick response ( so I found the first stregth of ALT 
even befor trying it).
Im glad to hear that I can setup a system without 2nd cd. I do not need any 
dev tools so I will use only the 1st one. But I have still 7 hours tiem of 
download remaining :-(
When to partnership: here in Turkey we have a Turkish distro named Gelecek, 
based on RH 7.3 and because it provides excellent Turkish Language and Win 
Modem (which is widely used here) support it is the market leader  especially 
in the busieness sector. (and also the linux market in Turkey is still to 
little compared to other EU countries there is many personal users but they 
do not want to pay for a distro because many of them are quite experts so 
don't need any support- even if they need they know how to obtain it from the 
net-). So I don't think that any company will want to invest on ALT than I 
don't think that a  strategic partnership will be useful for Turkey . I'think  
creating an international community site   will be much more useful but 
unfortunately I do not have enough knowledge about site creation (for 
Linuxturkey, the owner has setup everything so that the only think I do is to 
log in as admin and post reviews, news etc with a few html codes. So once a 
setup is created maintaining it (not talking about technical maintanace but 
about the content) is not a problem for me so if anyone is interested about a 
such project feel free to contact me)
   Even if a strategic partership seems to be useless can you mail me a brief 
presentation of opportunities maybe I would find a way to help the project.
Finally I have a few ques abot the distro: Why the name ALT? 
And once installed can I upgrade everything like Debian and Gentoo, in other 
words when 2.3 will be available do I have to obtain a cd or an iso or typing 
apt-get upgrade distro (or smt like this dont remember exactly) will be 
sufficient to have the 2.3 (I'm asking that for my review :) )
Tarık Gandur

 Thank you for your friendly attitude towards our distributions. I really 
 hope that you will like Junior once you download and install it!
 >I m now downloading junior 2.2. I m impressed by all the reviews out there 
 >about alt and sure by sisyphus. So I cant wait to try it. My question is: 
 >I only download the first cd and make an installation with kde, apt with it 
 >and the add the software that I want from sisyphus?
 You certainly can. The first ISO image of Junior contains everything 
 (well, maybe almost everything) you need for the everyday home and 
 office tasks. You will only need the second image of Junior if you 
 intend to build & develop software yourself. But if you are going to use 
 Sisyphus, I really doubt that you will ever need it.
 >Anathor question is about the popularity of the distro. All the reviews that 
 >read were saying that Alt was one of the best distros out there. So why it 
 >not so popular (Im talking about internation popularity) maybe it lacks a 
 >well maintained international comunity? It is sad to see that a distribution 
 >which recieves excelent reviews is not known by many linux users. By the way 
 >after downloading it I plan to write  a review of it in turkish in 
 >linuxturkey so maybe I can help a little to the formation of a larger 
 >international community.
 Thank you, a review in Turkish is a great idea! And you are right: we do 
 not yet have many people in our international community, even though we 
 really deserve more popularity. Currently, our team is working on this 
 problem, and you may expect every new distribution to be more 
 'international' than the previous.
 We are also seriously considering all propositions for international 
 partnership, so if any of our readers wishes to join our business and 
 spread ALT Linux in his country/region, he is welcome to contact me. 
 There are several possible partnership schemes, and I will be glad to 
 send more details upon request.
 Egor Grebnev
 ALT Linux Team

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