[Comm-en] differences between junior & master

Guy mailings at de-schepper.be
Tue Apr 15 09:59:30 MSD 2003


Yesterday, I discovered Alt Linux. It really looks very promising to me:
as easy to use and configure as Mandrake, but also as easy to
maintain/update as Debian. That is exactly what I was looking for !

But I'm not sure what version I should install: the Junior or the
Can someone tell me what the differences are ?
I know, the Junior edition comes on 2 CD's and the Master on 9 (or 8 if
Is the only difference the number of cd's (and thus the number of apps)?
If so, I suppose I can install the Junior edition and get the apps of cd
3-8 (not 9 of course, because these are commercial ones) with the
Synaptic tool or is/are there other difference(s) ?

Another question:
Will there ever come an English user manual ?
I'm not that good in Russian, you know ;-)


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