[Comm-en] Keyboard Doesn't Work

Vitaly Lipatov LAV at VL3143.spb.edu
Tue Apr 15 01:41:34 MSD 2003

On 15 Апрель 2003 00:46, jordanp at look.ca wrote:
> Hi.  I uninstalled junior version and installed the beta
> master 2.2 version that i had handy.  I am not trying to get
> the modem working at the moment, because I don't need it right
> now.  However, I upgraded all the packages using a alt-get
> upgrade and I also upgraded to kde 3.1.1 and XFree86. 
> However, when I start my computer now, the keyboard doesn't
> work when I get to the kde login screen.  If I restart the x
> server it works fine.  Any idea what may be wrong?
Check your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 for double mouse entry.

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