[altlinux-announce-en] Distribution Release: ALT Workstation 10.1

Maria Fokanova fokanovama at basealt.ru
Tue Jan 31 23:34:51 MSK 2023

Good day!

Glad to present to you the update of the operating system ALT 
Workstation 10.1 on Platform 10 (p10 Aronia branch). The assembly of ALT 
Education 10.1 distribution kit is prepared for the x86_64, AArch64, 
i586 architecture and Elbrus. The operating system is included in the 
Unified Register of Russian programs and databases. The product 
satisfies the request of Russian organizations for the smooth merging of 
the existing infrastructure on foreign software with the infrastructure 
under the domestic operating systems control.

Download the release image:

New features 10.1

Installation with a user-friendly interface is provided for the disk 
partitioning step to minimize errors at this stage. LiveCD image uses 
the same set of applications for scanning as the main image. Flatpack 
1.14 has been added to the image repository. Graphics Editors (GIMP, 
Inkscape) are now installed by default.
We added a proxy-server wine-cpcsp_proxy 0.6 for using Linux CryptoPro 
in Windows applications with Wine. Everything required for CryptoPro 
(the infrastructure for supporting Rutoken S and Rutoken EDS cards too) 
is installed by the cryptopro-preinstall 4.0 package.

The BaseALT Ltd. solution within the framework of the implementation of 
the Active Directory domain infrastructure under Linux offers to use 
smooth and gradual migration of an enterprise to Samba Active Directory. 
It allows to preserve the domain infrastructure that has developed over 
the years. The company is also developing further integration with 
FreeIPA. The image has group policy editing module GPUI 0.2.17. Update 
of the Samba 4.16 and gpupdate 0.9.12 group policy application tool has 
expanded the possibilities of centralized management of users and 
enterprise IT infrastructure consisting of ALT OS and Windows OS.
Mechanisms for applying have become more available: scripts; all Mozilla 
Firefox, Chromium and Yandex web browser Group Policies to computer; 
polkit-policies; parameters of Preference: operations with Files, 
Folders, Ini-files, Drive maps and Network shares.

Alterator has a new module (alterator-limits) to configure restrictions 
for domain members. Obtaining Kerberos tickets is available from the 
control panel via an applet (krb5-ticket-watcher 1.0).

New Application Versions
(software versions may differ on the Elbrus architecture)

The distribution kit is built on the kernel std-def-5.10. Two kernels 
system installation for the x86_64 and AArch64.
MATE 1.26 release with Wayland support, Pluma text editor and Caja file 
manager improvements, support for encrypted RAR archives in Engrampa. To 
see more about new functionality of the MATE Desktop: 
LibreOffice-still office suite 7.3.
Firefox ESR web browser 102.6.
Win32 API application launcher — WINE 7.22.1.
Remote Desktop Connection Broker OpenUDS 3.5.
Appinstall 1.3.

The major release of ALT Workstation 10.0 was in December 2021.

Read more on the wiki (in russian):

The new version of the distribution kit is based on the stable branch of 
the Platform 10 repository and does not involve incompatible changes 
when moving to 10.1. For new corporate users it is possible to obtain 
test versions and traditionally private users are offered to download 
the required version of the ALT OS for free from the BaseALT Ltd. 
website or from the download site.

More about the image and its updates you can found at:

With best regards,
Maria Fokanova
community manager

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