[sisyphus] Daedalus: New packages

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Пн Дек 4 10:54:48 MSK 2006

В Daedalus выложены обновлённые пакеты:

Description :
QDevelop is a development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4.
QDevelop requires Qt4, gcc under Linux or MinGW under Windows,
possibly gdb for programs debugging and ctags for code completion.
QDevelop is available in English, French, German, Dutch, Polish,
Spanish, Chinese and Russian. If you want to translate in your
language, please contact to author.
QDevelop is not a Kdevelop like or reduced. It's an independent
IDE dedicated to Qt and is totally independent of KDevelop.
Less complete, but faster, light and especially multi-platforms.
QDevelop and KDevelop have different code sources.

* Вск Дек 03 2006 Hihin Ruslan <ruslandh@> 0.21-alt1.rev77
- probe version
 add qdevelop-0.21-Makefile.patch (-as-need)

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