[Sisyphus-mipsel-reports] [#56650] p9_mipsel DONE srpm=nagios-3.0.6-alt15.src.rpm

Girar pender robot pender at gyle-secondary.office.basealt.ru
Sat Feb 6 17:40:11 MSK 2021


2021-Feb-06 14:31:46 :: task #56650 for p9_mipsel started by recycler:
#100 build nagios-3.0.6-alt15.src.rpm
2021-Feb-06 14:31:47 :: [mipsel] #100 nagios-3.0.6-alt15.src.rpm: build start
2021-Feb-06 14:35:23 :: [mipsel] #100 nagios-3.0.6-alt15.src.rpm: build OK
nagios-www-apache2-3.0.6-alt15.mipsel.rpm: changelog name (manowar@) does not match expected name (alt_p9@)
nagios-full-3.0.6-alt15.mipsel.rpm: changelog name (manowar@) does not match expected name (alt_p9@)
nagios-www-lighttpd-3.0.6-alt15.mipsel.rpm: changelog name (manowar@) does not match expected name (alt_p9@)
nagios-doc-3.0.6-alt15.noarch.rpm: changelog name (manowar@) does not match expected name (alt_p9@)
nagios-3.0.6-alt15.mipsel.rpm: changelog name (manowar@) does not match expected name (alt_p9@)
nagios-common-3.0.6-alt15.mipsel.rpm: changelog name (manowar@) does not match expected name (alt_p9@)
nagios-www-3.0.6-alt15.mipsel.rpm: changelog name (manowar@) does not match expected name (alt_p9@)
nagios-debuginfo-3.0.6-alt15.mipsel.rpm: changelog name (manowar@) does not match expected name (alt_p9@)
nagios-3.0.6-alt15.src.rpm: changelog name (manowar@) does not match expected name (alt_p9@)
warning: package `nagios' version `3.0.6-alt15' was already built from a different source: `srpm:74222631fb4a3aba145bdff35a098d24245356e7'
2021-Feb-06 14:35:25 :: #100: nagios-3.0.6-alt15.src.rpm: build check OK
2021-Feb-06 14:35:25 :: build check OK
2021-Feb-06 14:35:25 :: noarch check OK
2021-Feb-06 14:35:26 :: plan: src +1 -1 =10320, mipsel +7 -7 =17804, noarch +1 -1 =12733
2021-Feb-06 14:35:26 :: version check OK
2021-Feb-06 14:35:26 :: nagios: fixes vulnerabilities: CVE-2017-12847 CVE-2016-8641 CVE-2016-9566 CVE-2014-1878
2021-Feb-06 14:35:57 :: generated apt indices
2021-Feb-06 14:35:58 :: created next repo
2021-Feb-06 14:36:04 :: dependencies check OK
	mipsel: NEW bad_elf_symbols detected:
nagios-3.0.6-alt15.mipsel.rpm	/usr/lib/nagios/contrib/mini_epn	U	__gnu_local_gp
nagios-3.0.6-alt15.mipsel.rpm	/usr/lib/nagios/contrib/new_mini_epn	U	__gnu_local_gp
nagios-3.0.6-alt15.mipsel.rpm	/usr/sbin/nagios	U	__gnu_local_gp
	mipsel: old bad_elf_symbols resolved:
nagios-3.0.6-alt13.mipsel.rpm	/usr/lib/nagios/contrib/mini_epn	U	__gnu_local_gp
nagios-3.0.6-alt13.mipsel.rpm	/usr/lib/nagios/contrib/new_mini_epn	U	__gnu_local_gp
nagios-3.0.6-alt13.mipsel.rpm	/usr/sbin/nagios	U	__gnu_local_gp
2021-Feb-06 14:36:16 :: [mipsel] ELF symbols check COND-OK
warning [mipsel]: nagios=3.0.6-alt15: circular dependencies on nagios-plugins-common=2.2.1-alt1 nagios-plugins=2.2.1-alt1
2021-Feb-06 14:37:14 :: [mipsel] #100 nagios: install check OK
2021-Feb-06 14:37:27 :: [mipsel] #100 nagios-common: install check OK
2021-Feb-06 14:37:27 :: [mipsel] #100 nagios-debuginfo: debuginfo install check SKIPPED
	mipsel: nagios-doc=3.0.6-alt15 post-install unowned files:
2021-Feb-06 14:37:40 :: [mipsel] #100 nagios-doc: install check OK
2021-Feb-06 14:38:08 :: [mipsel] #100 nagios-full: install check OK
	mipsel: nagios-www=3.0.6-alt15 post-install unowned files:
2021-Feb-06 14:38:28 :: [mipsel] #100 nagios-www: install check OK
2021-Feb-06 14:38:59 :: [mipsel] #100 nagios-www-apache2: install check OK
2021-Feb-06 14:39:23 :: [mipsel] #100 nagios-www-lighttpd: install check OK
2021-Feb-06 14:39:25 :: gears inheritance check OK
2021-Feb-06 14:39:25 :: srpm inheritance check OK
girar-check-perms: access to nagios DENIED for recycler: does not belong to maintainers list yet
girar-check-perms: access to nagios ALLOWED for iv: superuser
nagios: Update approved by iv
2021-Feb-06 14:39:26 :: acl check OK
2021-Feb-06 14:39:50 :: created contents_index files
2021-Feb-06 14:39:53 :: created hash files: mipsel noarch src
2021-Feb-06 14:39:54 :: task #56650 for p9_mipsel TESTED
2021-Feb-06 14:39:54 :: task is ready for commit
2021-Feb-06 14:39:56 :: repo clone OK
2021-Feb-06 14:39:57 :: packages update OK
2021-Feb-06 14:40:00 :: [mipsel noarch] update OK
2021-Feb-06 14:40:00 :: repo update OK
2021-Feb-06 14:40:04 :: repo save OK
fatal: tag '3.0.6-alt15' already exists
2021-Feb-06 14:40:08 :: updated /srpms/n/nagios.git branch `p9_mipsel'
fatal: no tag exactly matches 'c1edd2a2f7d108395f9cfd3d1f07baaec5b1e8b3'
2021-Feb-06 14:40:10 :: gears update OK
2021-Feb-06 14:40:11 :: task #56650 for p9_mipsel DONE

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