[girar-acl] sisyphus changes summary: fprintd lbuscd libvpb python-module-pycurl python3-module-graphviz ...

Girar ACL (root_beekeeper) girar-acl at altlinux.org
Sat May 13 08:15:42 MSK 2023

Dear everybody group!

You have been engaged in ACL change(s) initiated by ALT beekeeper (admin):

fprintd: "rider egori" -> "rider egori @everybody"
lbuscd: "mike @qa" -> "mike @qa @everybody"
libvpb: "lav @qa" -> "lav @qa @everybody"
python-module-pycurl: "lav @python @qa" -> "lav @python @qa @everybody"
python3-module-graphviz: "rider @everybody" -> "@nobody"
systemd: "shaba" -> "shaba @everybody"
wcnt: "george @qa" -> "george @qa @everybody"
xenomai: "vt @kernel" -> "vt @kernel @everybody"
xorg-drv-wacom: "shrek" -> "shrek @everybody"

Rgrds, your Girar ACL robot

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