[cyber] I: Autoimports/Sisyphus 20131206 packages: -12 +1 (20362)

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Пт Дек 6 03:19:15 MSK 2013

	12 REMOVED packages

perl-Browser-Open	0.04-alt1_7
perl-Carp-Always	0.13-alt1_1
perl-Class-Refresh	0.05-alt1
perl-Config-INI-Reader-Ordered	0.011-alt1
perl-Data-Printer	0.35-alt1
perl-Devel-OverrideGlobalRequire	0.001-alt1
perl-Dir-Self	0.10-alt1_10
perl-Hash-FieldHash	0.14-alt1
perl-IO-Detect	0.005-alt2_3
perl-Reply	0.34-alt1
perl-Sub-Exporter-Lexical	0.092292-alt1
perl-Type-Tie	0.006-alt1

	1 UPDATED package

perl-Scalar-Does - Additional constants for Scalar::Does, inspired by the built-in Moose type constraints
* Thu Dec 05 2013 Igor Vlasenko <viy на altlinux> 0.201-alt1_4
- moved to Sisyphus as dependency
* Thu Nov 21 2013 Igor Vlasenko <viy на altlinux> 0.201-alt1_2

Total 20362 source packages.

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