[kbd] Characters '<', '>' etc. with German layout

R. Diez rdiezmail-temp2 at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 17 23:59:17 MSK 2022

> The /etc/default/keyboard is a configuration file of console-setup. This
> project creates a kbd keymap from an xkb keymap. It looks like some
> characters were taken from unicode during the conversion process.

OK, but can you explain what that means?

Is that "kbd keymap" only used with the text consoles? Those are the ones you get with Ctrl+Alt+F1, or if you do not start the X server when booting.

Or does that "kbd keymap" apply inside text consoles too that you open inside your X environment? Like when you run xterm.

Even though I don't have that laptop at hand now, I have a picture of its keyboard, see the attached photo.

What is the keyboard type I should choose? I tried all the models I could find in Ubuntu MATE:
- All the ones under "Generic", like "Generic 105-key PC (intl.)".
- All the ones under "Lenovo (previously IBM)", like "IBM Space Saver".

None of them look like the attached picture. The German layout does not have the '<', '>' and '|' keys on the diagram (on the screen) positioned like 
on the photo (on the laptop).

With Ubuntu MATE, I can see the keyboard layout by right-clicking on the language icon and choosing on the pop-up menu option "Show Current Layout". 
Its keyboard selection tool displays a similar diagram.

I also tried xkeycaps to no avail.

Thanks for your help,
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