[kbd] [PATCH 5/5] Replace error() by fprintf() and perror()

Felix Janda felix.janda at posteo.de
Thu Apr 30 23:36:12 MSK 2015

Alexey Gladkov wrote:
> 29.04.2015 21:11, Felix Janda пишет:
> > Thanks for applying the other patches and for kbd_error()! Now everything
> > compiles fine with musl libc.
> > 
> > However kbd_error() does not behave correctly in the case that the first
> > argument is 0 (EXIT_SUCCESS). error() does _not_ terminate the program
> > if the first argument is EXIT_SUCCESS. Maybe have in addition a
> > kbd_warn() so that the __attribute__((noreturn)) can stay for kbd_error()
> > (then the exitnum argument would also become superfluous).
> You right. I missed it. Fixed.

Thanks, now the replacement should be equivalent to what it is replacing.


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