[kbd] [PATCH 5/5] Replace error() by fprintf() and perror()

Alexey Gladkov gladkov.alexey at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 22:21:34 MSK 2015

29.04.2015 21:11, Felix Janda пишет:
> Thanks for applying the other patches and for kbd_error()! Now everything
> compiles fine with musl libc.
> However kbd_error() does not behave correctly in the case that the first
> argument is 0 (EXIT_SUCCESS). error() does _not_ terminate the program
> if the first argument is EXIT_SUCCESS. Maybe have in addition a
> kbd_warn() so that the __attribute__((noreturn)) can stay for kbd_error()
> (then the exitnum argument would also become superfluous).

You right. I missed it. Fixed.

> My excuse [1] for changing the error messages (no more program name) was
> because the source is inconsistent. For example init_vt() in vlock/vt.c
> or main() in kbdinfo.c mix fprintf(stderr) and error(). It seems to me
> that error was mainly used as a convenient shorthand for
> fprint(stderr) && exit(). (Having a shorthand makes sense.)

Agree. It will be necessary to bring messages to one format.

> PS: Could you maybe note on the webpage that git.altlinux.org is the
> main git repository and might be ahead of the git.kernel.org repo?

I usually send changes to both the repository.

> [1]: http://lists.altlinux.org/pipermail/kbd/2014-December/000487.html

Rgrds, legion

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