[kbd] My keymap is finished. But I have a problem to consult you.

Alexey Gladkov gladkov.alexey at gmail.com
Tue May 13 15:31:07 MSK 2014

11.05.2014 21:42, Merlin Dou wrote:
> It is me, again. LOL :)
> This time, I write a clear keymap. 
> The following is my keymap. Feel free to add it.
> I have 2  problem to consult you:
>  Q1:
>          When I read the keymap files in kbd folder (/usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/dvorak), I found a lot of things like:
>             Meta_one
>             Meta_exclam
>             Meta_bar
>             ... ...
>            I am wondering what is Meta_ ?

It means meta state (KT_META in linux/keyboard.h). You can get a
Meta_KEY if you use the Alt, Alt_Gr or Escape for example.

>  Q2:
>          I don't know the naming rule about keymap.
>          But It seems that the name is too long. I have to call the kemap:
>                 dvorak-codetodeath.map.gz
>                 codetodeath-dvorak.map.gz
>          or shorter:
>                 dvorak-ctd.map.gz
>                 ctd-dvorak.map.gz
>          Which name should I choose ?

I like the second option more.

> include "linux-with-two-alt-keys"
> include "windowkeys.map.gz"

You probably wanted to write: include "windowkeys" ? :)

Rgrds, legion

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