[kbd] Semi-mechanical keyboard not working properly on linux kernel

Alexey Gladkov gladkov.alexey at gmail.com
Mon Jan 13 15:51:48 MSK 2014

09.01.2014 07:33, Anh Tu Nguyen wrote:
> I have some issues on a NKRO keyboard (USB port) which is working fine on
> Windows box.
> Under Linux (tested in Arch, Debian-based distros), the Ctrl/Alt/Win keys
> invokes Shift keycode as I tested with showkey -s. So I guess it's
> conflicting with the kernel keyboard driver.
> I really want to make a patch for this keyboard but don't have enough
> resource about it.
> Is there any resource about how Linux and Windows keyboard driver is
> different?
> Also, I hope someone can give me a hint about how to debug the raw
> event/signal that the keyboard send to kernel.

I'm not big kernel hacker, but you can use /dev/input/eventXX for
this. If I was on your place, I would read linux/Documentation/input/*

But honestly, it's better to ask these questions in the corresponding
kernel maillist.

Rgrds, legion

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