[kbd] kbd: additions to the Unicode map for 12x22 fonts

Alexey Gladkov gladkov.alexey at gmail.com
Sun Dec 30 15:56:05 MSK 2012

29.12.2012 10:36, David Grayson wrote:
> Hello, Alexey.
> My name is David.  I found your email address in the README of the kbd
> package at ftp://ftp.altlinux.org/pub/people/legion/kbd/ .  I would
> like to submit the following additions to the unimap for the sun12x22,
> iso01-12x22, and iso02-12x22 fonts in the kbd package:

Why only these specific fonts, but not other fonts?

> # Different kinds of dashes and hyphens.
> 0x2d  U+00ad U+2010 U+2012 U+2013
> # left/right single quotation mark
> 0x60  U+2018
> 0x27  U+2019
> I noticed that when using any of these fonts in unicode mode, the
> output from certain utilities was bad.  The dashes that "man" uses to
> wrap long lines were showing up as question marks inside a box.  Also,
> I was getting question marks inside boxes in place of the left/right
> single quotation mark characters that "touch" outputs when you try to
> touch a file in a directory that doesn't exist.  Both of these issues
> were fixed by adding the lines above to the unicode maps for these
> fonts.
> The attached tar.gz file contains those additions in a file called
> additions.uni, and it contains a little shell script you might want to
> use to apply the patch to the existing fonts.
> With 1080p laptop displays being common these days, I think more and
> more people are going to be using these 12x22 fonts and hoping that
> they work properly.  I am hoping that this fix can be pushed upstream
> so that the next time I install Linux I don't have to regenerate the
> console fonts myself, and so that others can benefit from the fix.
> Are you the right person to email for that?

Yes. There is also a mailing list:


Rgrds, legion

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