[kbd] [ANNOUNCE] kbd-1.15.1-rc1

Alexey Gladkov gladkov.alexey at gmail.com
Sat May 7 20:48:35 UTC 2011

kbd 1.15.3-rc1 Release Notes

The kbd-1.15.3-rc1 is available at


Feedback and bug reports, as always, are welcomed.


o Build system:
  - Drop klibc support.
o Programs:
  - kbdinfo: New utility to obtain information about console.
  - setvtrgb: New utility to set the virtual terminal RGB colors.
  - loadkeys: Add LOADKEYS_KEYMAP_PATH env variable.
  - loadkeys: Fix some memory leaks.
  - loadkeys: Do not set prefer_unicode for iso-8859-1.
  - loadkeys -a: Switch to ASCII mode.
  - loadkeys: Fix "compose as usual" for Unicode diacritics (Michael Schutte).
o Keymaps:
  - Add dvorak-ru keymap.
o Fonts:
  - Add LatGrkCyr fonts.

Changes for 1.15.2 (legion)

o Build system:
  - Use automake to build translations.
  - Fix colemak installation.
  - psffontop: Fix possible alignment issues, wrt -Wcast-align.
  - vcstime: Fix build warning.
o Programs:
  - loadkeys -u: Switch to Unicode mode, if necessary (Michael Schutte).
  - Use either /dev/vcs[a] or /dev/vcs[a]0 (Michael Schutte)
o Keymaps:
  - Add "mobii" specific keymap (Richard Zidlicky).
o Fonts:
  - Add georgian font.

Rgrds, legion

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