[kbd] 1.15.3 schedule

Alexey Gladkov gladkov.alexey at gmail.com
Tue May 3 15:18:50 UTC 2011


I think it's time to make a new release and try new auto-convert
feature and other serious changes.

1.15.3 schedule:

    06 May 2011: 1.15.3-rc1 (strings freeze, po/*.po > TP.org)
    13 May 2011: 1.15.3

Git repository:


Here is a list of changes which are proposed for 1.15.3:

Alexey Gladkov (38):
      loadkeys -a: Switch to ASCII mode
      Do not set prefer_unicode for iso-8859-1
      Drop klibc support
      Use MAXPATHLEN constant
      Add LatGrkCyr fonts
      loadkeys: Fix some memory leaks
      Add xstrndup()
      findfile: Simplify loop code
      findfile(): Remove duplicate declarations
      Move search by fullname into separate function
      findfile: Reduce memory usage and simplify code
      loadkeys: Fix some memory leaks
      loadkeys: redesign parser
      loadkeys: fatal errors - change to varargs
      loadkeys: Use Linux coding style
      loadkeys: Use EXIT_FAILURE and EXIT_SUCCESS
      loadkeys: Reorganize code
      loadkeys: Add LOADKEYS_KEYMAP_PATH env variable
      Remove debug messages
      kbdinfo: Add new utility to obtain information about console
      setvtrgb: New utility to set the virtual terminal RGB colors
      openvt: Indent code
      [keymaps] Add dvorak-ru keymap
      Remove AC_PROG_YACC dup
      kbdinfo: Change help message
      Update translations
      Update changelog and increase version (1.15.3wip)
      openvt: Fixed race condition between the two run the utility
      openvt: Fix verbose message
      openvt: Use xmalloc
      openvt: Change error messages and error handling
      openvt: Add -V option
      openvt: Move copyright information to COPYING
      openvt: Remove openvt.h
      openvt: Change authenticate_user() and usage() declaration
      openvt: Use long options
      openvt: Add --exec option
      openvt: Update man-page

Dustin Kirkland (1):
      Color scheme of the console in Ubuntu

Lucas De Marchi (1):
      loadkeys: Fix -C option

Maarten ter Huurne (1):
      Replace index() and rindex() with strchr() and strrchr()

Michael Schutte (1):
      Fix "compose as usual" for Unicode diacritics

Nicolas Delvaux (1):
      [consolefonts]: Add unicode spaces

Olivier Mehani (1):
      Don't open console on --bkeymap

Robert White (1):
      openvt: Fix -w option

Rgrds, legion

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