[kbd] Please support narrow no-break space (U+202F)

Nicolas Delvaux nicolas.delvaux at gmx.com
Sun Aug 29 22:32:28 UTC 2010

Le dimanche 29 août 2010 à 22:37 +0100, Ken Moffat a écrit :

> On Sun, Aug 29, 2010 at 07:50:06PM +0200, Nicolas Delvaux wrote:
> > 
> > Of course it would be better if nnbsp were at least "unbreakable" but,
> > with the current kbd, even non-break spaces break (because they are
> > mapped to 0x20). Perhaps this is by design, I don't know.
> > 
>  The console fonts run in a tty.  I think the appropriate
> description might be "what you ask for is what you get".
>  If you are looking at html in a browser, the browser makes decisions
> about how to process the nbsp entity.  But for plain text, you get
> what the current font produces for that character.  The font doesn't
> add a linefeed of its own accord - long lines just appear to wrap onto
> the next line of the screen.
> ĸen

Indeed, it's logical, thanks.

As a side note to this "feature request", there is other Unicode spaces
you might want to support: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_%
I let you see, personally I just need narrow non-break spaces. ;-)

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