[kbd] OLPC specific keymaps

Alexey Gladkov legion at altlinux.ru
Thu Jan 10 10:35:24 MSK 2008

Andries E. Brouwer wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 09, 2008 at 05:38:30PM -0500, Bernardo Innocenti wrote:
>> Hello,
>> the OLPC comes with a physical keyboard layout which is
>> slightly different from the traditional PC.
>> We also have a number of tweaks and additions on our
>> international keyboard maps.  This is all taken care of in the
>> xkb keyboards.
>> So far, we did not bother too much about updating the console
>> keymaps, because this is not what the children would be using
>> daily.  However, some maps need massaging even to get common
>> ASCII punctuation ('`~/) right.
>> I'm attaching two modified maps we modified as an example.

Please, send me example too. :)

>> Now I'm wondering how we could integrate such changes upstream.
>> Shall we create an olpc directory at the same level of i386 or
>> at the level of qwerty?
>> Fedora specific: shall we branch this package for olpc?
>> I'd be willing to merge my changes in devel if the current
>> maintainer agrees on it.
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> The kbd package was taken over by Alexey Gladkov <legion at altlinux.ru>.

I'm adding kbd maillist on Cc.
Maybe we will discuss it there ?

> If I conjecture that you use a more or less standard Linux kernel
> for the OLPC, and use PC-compatible hardware, then maybe your keyboard
> belongs under i386.
> (I would like to play with one - is it already possible for someone
> in Europe to buy them?)
> Andries

Rgrds, legion

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