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Вт Июн 3 02:29:03 MSD 2008



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Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2008 17:56:58 -0400
From: Mark Lord <liml@>
To: IDE/ATA development list <linux-ide@>,
	Linux Kernel <linux-kernel@>
Subject: hdparm-8.7 is released

Version 8.7 of hdparm is now available from Sourceforge.net.

This version includes a number of small fixes and the like,
plus these new features:

-- Uses sysfs to get device offset / size values,
   so it will continue to work with 2TB (and larger) drives.
   It falls back to the ioctl() interfaces when sysfs is unavailable.

-- The -Q (queue_depth) flag now works with sysfs.
   This can be useful for easy tuning of SATA NCQ queue_depths, among others.

-- New --fibmap flag, to dump out the extent list for a specified file.
   New --fibmap-sector flag, to dump out the absolute LBA of a specific sector of a file.
   These can be quite useful for determining suitable LBA values for fault-injection.

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