[Hardware] lvm error

Alexander Volkov alt на vladregion.ru
Вс Июн 4 08:22:59 MSD 2006

Master 2.4, пытаюсь освободить один из разделов от lvm:
pvmove -v /dev/sdb14 /dev/hda7
pvmove -- checking name of source physical volume "/dev/sdb14"
pvmove -- locking logical volume manager
pvmove -- reading data of source physical volume from "/dev/sdb14"
pvmove -- checking volume group existence
pvmove -- reading data of volume group "dvarc" from lvmtab
pvmove -- checking volume group consistency of "dvarc"
pvmove -- searching for source physical volume "/dev/sdb14" in volume
group "dvarc"
pvmove -- building list of possible destination physical volumes
pvmove -- checking destination physical volume names in command line
pvmove -- checking volume group activity
pvmove -- moving physical extents in active volume group "dvarc"
pvmove -- WARNING: if you lose power during the move you may need
        to restore your LVM metadata from backup!
	pvmove -- do you want to continue? [y/n] y
	pvmove -- starting to move extents away from physical volume
	pvmove -- checking for enough free physical extents in "dvarc"
	pvmove -- /dev/sdb14 [PE 0 [video [LE 7253]]] -> /dev/hda7 [PE 0]
	/dev/dvarc/group::/dev/dvarc/video: 081e 65920, 0307 65920
	pvmove -- ERROR "Inappropriate ioctl for device" copying extent
	from "/dev/sdb14"

	pvmove -- ERROR "Inappropriate ioctl for device" moving physical

pvdisplay /dev/hda7
--- Physical volume ---
PV Name               /dev/hda7
VG Name               dvarc
PV Size               180.20 GB [377896932 secs] / NOT usable 32.19 MB
[LVM: 150 KB]
PV#                   4
PV Status             NOT available
Allocatable           yes
Cur LV                0
PE Size (KByte)       32768
Total PE              5765
Free PE               5765
Allocated PE          0
PV UUID               juN7ym-2pzV-AvRE-7Gks-0TAH-Ge3X-J4Lh4Q

Что покрутить?

 Regards, Alexander

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