[d-kernel] q: 2.6.24 unlucky?

Konstantin A. Lepikhov =?iso-8859-1?q?lakostis_=CE=C1_unsafe=2Eru?=
Вс Май 11 01:10:19 MSD 2008

Hi Michael!

Saturday 10, at 11:19:54 PM you wrote:

> 	Здравствуйте.
> ---
> The stable kernel has been released. It was a bit
> earlier than expected due to "two security bugs fixed in here
> that just recently were made public". The release note is not
> clear which of the updates are the security fixes, but "all users
> of the 2.6.25 series are strongly encouraged to upgrade, and
> anyone running 2.6.24 should also move up to 2.6.25 at this time
> if possible." Click below for more details.
> --- http://lwn.net/Articles/281689
> Могу быть неправ, но что-то кажется, что .24 -- "неудачное"...
> ovz-шники его так и не довели до ума, все остальные тоже скорее
> проскипали.
ovz'чики будут его пилить, пока жив hardy.

WBR et al.

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