[Comm-en] Distribution Release: ALT Server 10.1

Maria Fokanova fokanovama at basealt.ru
Tue Feb 21 12:37:54 MSK 2023

Good day!

The ALT Server distribution kit was released on the platform 10 (p10 
Aronia branch). The OS is designed to implement server tasks, as a 
workplace of an administrator or software developer. The assembly of ALT 
Server 10.1 distribution kit is prepared for the x86_64, AArch64 and 
Elbrus architecture.

Download the release image:

New features 10.1

* Support for Russian certification authorities (CA) 
(ca-certificates-digital.gov.ru 1.0) added.
* The Group policy project updated. The admx-msi-setup package has been 
added to the admx template set in the image for uploading Microsoft 
Group Policies to the Domain Controller.
* Image 10.1 includes the text mode of the GRUB loader. It has become 
more convenient to install the system on a server without a video card 
thanks to a separate item in the bootloader menu.
* ALT Server 10.1 new version supportes to enter a name or password in 
Cyrillic; the convenience of switching and positioning the keyboard 
layout indicator (greeter) upgrade. Virt-manager 3.2 for creating 
virtual machines, a tigervnc 1.10 remote connection server added and the 
Zabbix 6.0 monitoring system.

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With best regards,
Maria Fokanova
community manager

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