[Comm-en] Distribution Release: ALT Workstation 10.1

Maria Fokanova fokanovama at basealt.ru
Wed Feb 1 10:37:26 MSK 2023

Good day!

The update of ALT products continues. The assembly of ALT Workstation 
10.1 distribution kit is prepared for the x86_64, AArch64,
i586 architecture and Elbrus on platform 10 (p10 Aronia branch).

Download the release image:

New features 10.1

* Installation with a user-friendly interface is provided for the disk 
partitioning step to minimize errors at this stage.
* LiveCD image uses the same set of applications for scanning as the 
main image.
* Flatpack 1.14 has been added to the image repository.
* CryptoPro support (the infrastructure for supporting Rutoken S and 
Rutoken EDS cards too).
* The Group policy project updated.

Read more:

With best regards,
Maria Fokanova
community manager

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