[Comm-en] Adding XFCE4 to p9 GNUStep install

David davidb at disroot.org
Fri Jan 21 06:20:34 MSK 2022

Greetings, all!

I would like the opinion of someone from the ALT Linux team in regards to the best way to add XFCE4 to the p9 GNUStep system I have installed from the Live ISO.  I would like to do this, rather than download the XFCE specific .iso, as I'm trying to save some bandwidth.

Just to be clear, I do _not_ want to replace my Window Maker environment.  The XFCE desktop would be for my wife's PC, as she's more familiar working with this sort of desktop environment.  My idea is to install the GNUStep Live ISO I already have and then add XFCE for her.

I have found xfce4-full in the p9 repository, but I want to make sure that this is the best way of adding XFCE to the system.  If there's a better selection of Synaptic packages to achieve my goal, could someone please let me know?  I've also found some ALT-Linux XFCE4 branding packages in Synaptic.  Are any of these recommended to install along with the standard XFCE4 packages?

Any advice anyone can share with me on this subject would be greatly appreciated.


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