[Comm-en] A couple of issues

Lyndon generalmooseance at vivaldi.net
Thu Jan 6 08:05:32 MSK 2022

HI there. Just wondering about a couple of issues I am having.

When trying to import bookmarks from a html bookmarks file to Librewolf
or Tor browsers, the open dialog window simply does not launch and I
cannot look for the html file to import into the browsers. I also use
Falkon and Yandex browsers and I can import bookmarks via an html file
into them without any issues.

Another thing is I cannot attach any files to an email in Evolution
email program. Again the open window dialog to look for files to attach
simply does not appear. 

 Also, When I click on a link in an email, I get the following message:

GDBBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown:The name
org.freedesktop.portal.Desktop was not provided by any service files.

I am still enjoying the distro and don't want to change it !

Thanks for any assistance.

Regards, Lyndon

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