[Comm-en] Terminal presents text localhost login

Michael Shigorin mike at osdn.org.ua
Sun Aug 5 12:10:29 MSK 2012

On Sat, Aug 04, 2012 at 07:37:44PM -0400, JD Hupp wrote:
> I'm testing the 5.0.2 School Terminal release to see how it
> compares to Michael Shigorin's 5.0.2 Terminal snapshot.

Forget ltsp-tde-t6_20120803-i586.iso -- I have stumbled upon
the very same problem later in testing that night and so far
didn't diagnose it; it's not related to School Terminal 5.0.x.

> On both terminals, after credentials are submitted at the GUI login, 
> terminal responds with a text localhost login

That's weird, do these credentials result in GUI desktop session
when submitted to GUI login screen at the *server*? (should do;
at least in my testing it was fine and that was enough to publish
the image as the difference like this never manifested itself)

> and rejects all login attempts over several accounts
> with "Incorrect login."

The text login is running local to the client thus the relevant
accounts are those in the client's root (which is what's stored
in /var/lib/ltsp/i586 on the server).

There's little to be done with those: only the root login does
help with debugging of things going wrong at the client itself,
thus the most recent builds are now setting the root password
in that chroot as identical to the terminal server's one.

I'll work on that t6 (or unstable, or future t7 -- the trouble
is so far the same) based image but so far it's moved to
"untested" subdirectory on the FTP to indicate "a problem".

If you have some kind of a detect list/wishlist, would be nice
to see it (the "software poweroff" item is well known already).
The timeframe is rather unpredictable though.

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