[Comm-en] configuring php5 support on Alt Server 4.0

Michael Shigorin mike at osdn.org.ua
Wed Mar 3 14:03:43 UTC 2010

On Wed, Mar 03, 2010 at 06:24:37AM -0600, Virtual Sky wrote:
> I'm wondering... since this server box I'm setting up is a new one, 
> perhaps I'd be better just to start using the latest Server 5.0 (Ark).  


> Am I correct in assuming that little issues like this are improved in 5.0?

It's geared towards intranet server, not internet.
Server 4.0 was rather a toolbox equally (in)adequate
for both internet and intranet, depending on particular

We talked on implementation of web hosting server distribution
(mostly on lower level bits and pieces) but so far there's none.

So to summarize, I stay with 4.0 on my web hosts and hope to find
some time to work on those bits&pieces in the next release which
is so far planned this autumn.

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