[Comm-en] configuring php5 support on Alt Server 4.0

Virtual Sky virtualsky.sk at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 12:24:37 UTC 2010

Thanks, Michael!

I'm wondering... since this server box I'm setting up is a new one, 
perhaps I'd be better just to start using the latest Server 5.0 (Ark).  
Am I correct in assuming that little issues like this are improved in 5.0?

I wasn't aware of the issue with populating the root directory with 
content.  Thankfully I haven't experienced  this overwriting of files 
during updates on other 4.0 boxes I've set-up.  But, it's certainly nice 
to be aware of it now.  Thanks again!


Michael Shigorin wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 02, 2010 at 07:06:47PM -0600, Virtual Sky wrote:
>> Okay, I'm stuck.  I've apt-get'ed the apache PHP5 module from Sisyphus 
> Ohnoes!  You'd better either stick with 4.0/branch for Server 4.0,
> or install apache-mod_php5 from 4.1/branch and immediately point
> apt back to 4.0/branch (I've used this a few times when php-5.2.5
> was working better for me than 5.2.2) -- OR move the whole system
> to Sisyphus, which I shouldn't recommend before probably summer.
>> and I see "apache-mod_php5" and "php5-cli" in the Alterator
>> System Objects list (I set them both to "public" state).
>> However, when I navigate to a directory on my server that
>> should run the index.php script, all I see is the folder
>> directory.  Obviously, the php module is not intercepting the
>> .php script.
> Which directory?  By default /var/www/html is configured as a web
> root BUT that default location isn't exactly good for your own
> content since it might interfere with packaged one and things
> like package upgrades overwriting index.html did happen before
> (even if rarely).  So it's recommended to set up a separate
> virtual sk... er, server even for default virtual (g)host.
>> Now, I've done what I know what to do (on other servers), like
>> adding a line to httpd.conf to load the php5 module, but I
>> can't seem to get it working.
> Should get auto-added, see also
> /etc/httpd/conf/addon-modules.d/apache-mod_php5.conf

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