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Alex Negulescu a at wdu.ro
Sun May 17 14:16:45 MSD 2009


Nice hearing that there are users of ALT Linux around the world. I use 
it since 2004-2005 as a main distro for desktops and some servers.
I also use CentOS, Slackware/Slax and SuSE/NLD/OpenSuSE. I manage some 
Debians too, but I prefer ALT Linux.
Now I've got for desktops a mix-up of packages from 4.1.1 and sisyphus 
too, that works like a charm, some servers with 4.0 at my clients 
(without virtualization), 1 virtual server (Sisyphus) that also works 
like a charm (runnin' 2.6.26 built by Lakostis)

Regarding your error, I never got that, even on new systems. Maybe it 
does not see the drives or does not access them correctly (too new board?).


Niki Kovacs wrote:
> Michael Shigorin a écrit :
>> Would be interesting to know what exactly was impressive,
>> and what might have tried to spoil that.
> I first installed ALT in VirtualBox, and I just liked the little 
> details. A no-bullshit KDE 3.5.x desktop, with just the right 
> adjustments. (For example, replace KMail by Thunderbird, which is a 
> good idea, since KMail's IMAP support is buggy). And I like the sober 
> appearance, like SUSE, but less glossy. Clean and understated.
>>> How about the mailing list. Is this list still active?
>> More or less; over the years it was somewhere near this level of
>> activity, or below it, so I'd say now it's rather "more".
> The speed of your response is already part of the answer.
> Ah yes, one first spoiler. I just made some space on a "real" (e. g. 
> non-virtual) PC, and first failure: when I choose "Destroy all 
> partitions, then autopartitions", packages are all "installed", but 
> then the installer exits with a general failure for all the packages. 
> Looks like it forgot to format. Now I'm currently running it again, 
> this time with "Custom install".
> Cheers,
> Niki
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