[Comm-en] Sisyphus multi-language

Michael Shigorin mike at osdn.org.ua
Tue Jul 7 18:54:03 MSD 2009

On Mon, Jul 06, 2009 at 05:16:58PM -0300, Fernando Martini wrote:
> The problem is in integration of developer brazilian (and
> spanish) in sisyphus, for this the multi-language is necessary
> ;)

Did you mean "convenient communications"?

I'd shoot for {br,sp}.altlinux.org and corresponding
devel-{br,sp}@lists.altlinux.org but be prepared to head such
effort -- that is, noone else will likely do that instead.

> My suggestion of English by language mother in communication of
> Latin American developer with All developers. (Brazilians,
> russians, ukrainian, etc..)

No-no-no, I see you have some trouble with English (me too)
and guess that lots of people _do_ have that too.  So I'd prefer
English for changelogs and such, for announcements probably, but
there might be more sense in Sisyphus do Brazil when people
working on it there can communicate in their own mother language,
not some weird English.

*And* that there are common means of communication -- be it via
"gating people" who would know several languages (ideally
including Portuguese or Spanish and Russian so as to reduce
overhead), or teaming up with Russian-speaking folks like ktirf@
and me to provide translations of devel-announce@ while
retranslating these into native lists -- so that people wouldn't
be forced into English, even if some of them would use it for
international discussion.

> Several developers brazilian had interest in collaborating in
> the development of ALT Linux

Cool, you'd probably hand them http://en.altlinux.org and
consider starting the first native-speaking list. :)

Seriously, let's try to stay with our languages not forcing 
each other into foreign ones.  I think our languages are better.

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